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Camere Housing

  • 18'' Camera Housing
18'' Camera Housing

18'' Camera Housing

  • Camera Housing
  • Brand:CV
  • CV-H18
  • Product description:


Features:18'' Camera Housing

Gas spring knighthead assistance coping

Adjustable pan/tilt unit inside

Temperature auto-control circuit

IP66 environment protection

Optional IR illuminator,wiper blade

Technical data

Input voltage: 24V AC (±15%), 220V AC (±15%)

Power consumption:

24V AC: 20W       220V AC: 12W

Working temperature: -30 to 50°C

Material: aluminum alloy and cast-aluminum

Recommend pan tilt head: T-A18M-I,T-A15M-I
Optional: heater, fan, sunshield,wiper and IR light

Constant temperature:

Heater: On: 5 ± 3°C

Off: 15 ± 5°C

Fan:   On: 40 ± 5°C

Off: 25 ± 5°C


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